Prom Dresses - Prom Dress Shop for Children

Here is our selection of prom dresses for girls from 8 to 14 years. Please note that the children's party dresses are available in even numbered sizes 8y, 10y, 12y and 14y only. Please check your child's measurements against the Sizing Information carefully before ordering. You can choose by colour or browse through the complete collection.



Just Dresses began to notice demand for prom dresses for pre-teen children in 2008 when the prom phenomenon started to come through from the traditional US school leaving prom first to secondary schools and then through to primary school leavers' parties.

We have imported a great selection of dresses for girls aged 11 and 12 in sizes 8 through to 14 years so that there is something for everyone.  Dresses come in knee length, ballerina length or ankle length.  We have cocktail style dresses and ballgown style dresses.  We have had many a parent saying that we save the day for them as they had no idea where to find suitable prom dresses on the high street.

We try to make sure that our dresses are suitable for pre-teen girls and not too grown up so we do not sell strapless dresses or dresses which are very short.

We hope that you like our selection of dresses and look forward to receiving any feedback on styles or colours that you feel we should be selling.

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